Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Celebrating new year

However you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with family and/or with friends or you may choose to spend it alone, it is time to reflect and be grateful for the past year and look back at your achievements and experiences and then look forward with an open mind and heart to the New Year.

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Here are some lovely settings to get you in the mood.

lulu klein

lulu klein

Via inspired-design. tumblr.com

lulu klein

Source: www.robertpassal.com

lulu klein

alfresco/lulu klein

table settings/lulu klein


Monday, 30 December 2013

Winter whites

Today I am thinking about winter whites.

‘And all woke earlier for the unaccustomed brightness of the winter dawning, the strange heavenly glare: the eye marvelled – marvelled at the dazzling whiteness..’  London Snow by Robert Bridges.
White interiors are cool and calm it enlarges a space and emphasises natural light and of course there are various shades of white if used on its own can be clinical but using various shades of white with layers of texture, such as wood, stone, layers of textiles and contrasting accents of colour, can be a warming and comfortable space.

lulu klein
Artic Hares Source Lili Paris

Source: ZsaZsa

bedrooms/lulu klein
Source: Fleaing France

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Bedrooms/lulu klein
White bedroom styling by Elkie Brown for the White Company
Source: elorablue.com

lulu klein
Fabulous bright and open living space, love the natural colours various textures with small accents of colour

Rather unique chair

Another fabulous open plan living space