Friday, 3 November 2017

Colour theory for the home

Colour affects our everyday living and is a fundamental part of re-decorating so it can be quite daunting when trying to choose colours for our homes, so these are just some things to consider.

Colour theory for the home/lulu klein

A certain colour might look fabulous on your friend’s wall but would not work in the space you want.

Start with the three primary colours; Red, Yellow, Blue these cannot be created through mixing other colours so they will be your starting point. 
Primary colours are mixed to make secondary colours and so on.  
Colour theory for the home/lulu klein

Firstly, decide on the mood you want to create from the space. You need to consider light, which plays an important part on how the colour will look and the size of the space you want to paint. If you are considering using or changing excising furnishings and accessories then what are the main colours/patterns will they work together?  Remember there are varying tones of colour.

Buy yourself a colour wheel look at how the colours work, how does a colour make you feel; energised, uplifted, uncomfortable, comfortable, relaxed, sad?

Finally, if in doubt paint a large piece of artists paper from a sample pot and put it in the corners of the walls this will give you a better prospective, or alternatively hire an interior designer/colour consultant for a few hours consultation if nothing else they may confirm the choices you have already made, because painting an entire wall/room can be quite costly. Good luck!

Colour theory for the home/lulu klein

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Colour theory for the home/lulu klein

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