Friday, 6 March 2015

About Styling

Styling is about creating something in a particular way, being creative and sometimes being artistic. Today I am looking at styling by presenting a collection of objects to add intrigue and inspiration, creating a particular look a sense a feeling, telling a story and letting us use our imagination.

This image is interesting showing off a collection of vintage pieces, beautiful colourful glasses and candelabra, the metal plates and ceramic, that looks beautiful together, makes you want to light the candles, make some cocktails, put out a plate of appetisers to share with friends; simulating conversation on a sunny afternoon in the countryside.About Styling/lulu klein

Now this image shows a collection of vintage glasses, bowls, serving plates, it says that the person/s like to go to vide-greniers (boot sales) they enjoy collecting unusual pieces and displaying them for enjoyment and they love to entertain.  
I feel if you have such lovely pieces it is a shame to hide them away in a cupboard where no one can see them, they should be on display like this for you and everyone to enjoy. 
I love vintage and pre-loved, every piece has a story.
About Styling/lulu klein

 This is a lovely piece with the presentation of the flowers on this table, its simple, chic, elegant and says maybe the person/s are well travelled.
About Styling/lulu klein

This image is interesting, a fabulous collection of objects and use of colour, shows a sense of fun, boho chic, feels like your in an apartment in Paris 
About Styling/lulu klein

My thought for the day
My thought for the day/lulu klein

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