Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Home Staging

Property Styling /Home Staging for Sale or Letting

Preparing your property to sell or let by creating an atmosphere that property hunters can instantly fall in love with.

First impressions are everything it is not just the way your property looks but how it feels and smells to potential buyers, they need to feel comfortable enough to imagine themselves living in your home and the way you live in your home is different from selling it.
Its about selling a lifestyle and in this current market a property needs to stand out above the rest to attract potential buyers willing to pay the asking price.

Home styling/lulu klein interiors
©lulu klein interiors

Enhance your property's saleability
A home staging consultation consists of looking at every aspect of your property both inside and out, looking at your property’s potential and to radically enhance its saleability. 
This service is available in South East England and South West France for further information please visit

home staging before/lulu klein
 Before ©lulu klein interiors

Home styling to sell/lulu klein interiors
After ©lulu klein interiors

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my thought for the day/lulu klein

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