Friday, 20 June 2014

Thinking about a colour change for your home

Choosing colours for our homes can be quite daunting and sometimes you just need reassurance of your own choices. 
There is so much to consider, you need to consider light which plays an important part on how the colour will look, the size of the space you want to paint and if you are considering using or changing excising furnishings and accessories also how you live and what mood you what to create in the space all play an important part. One colour might look fabulous on your friend’s wall but would not work in the space you want, colour affects our everyday living and is a fundamental part of re-decorating.

Colour consultancy/lulu klein

colour/lulu klein

colour consultancy/lulu klein
 Colours by Fired Earth 'The paint collection'

colour consultancy/lulu klein
 Colours by Fired Earth 'The paint collection'

I offer a colour consultancy service which is carried out by a visit to your home to discuss your needs and go through your likes and dislikes on colour. A planned assessment of each room, space, lighting source, existing fabrics, furnishings etc. and what the room will be used for and by whom are all taken into consideration. Following the consultation you will receive a written specification sheet giving you details of the recommended colours, finishes and quantities required and colour charts in order for you to create the perfect look for you.  

Summer discounts available 
If you live in East or West Sussex and would like to book a colour consultation just quote this code: ALL ABOUT COLOUR and you will receive a 10% discount plus 3 Fired Earth sample pots free. 
Offer valid till 4th July 2014. 
 To book go to  'contact page'.

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