Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Interiors: Beautiful bedrooms that inspire

Interiors, beautiful bedrooms that inspire. 

Creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom is essential, it is a place to relax, sleep and escape with your loved one! And a place where you can BREATH, so think about keeping it simple, de clutter.  I feel that whenever possible a separate room for clothes is a must, however if you do not have that luxury then buy pieces of furniture or built ins that look pleasing, or screen off an area with either a folding screen which you can make and cover it with either wallpaper, fabric or just paint or use a gorgeous piece of fabric which you can suspend from the ceiling. 

Think about what you would like to see when you wake up in the morning, remember those first few moments when we awake can affect the rest of our day, so when you wake up you want to feel refreshed and inspired!

This bedroom all similar in tone and offers a calm, harmonious mood.Beautiful bedrooms/lulu klein

Framing around a bed/lulu klein
 Task lighting is important, and love the bed head board

inspired interiors/lulu klein
Amazing views

bedrooms/lulu klein
Oh to wake up to this every morning, yes please!

Interiors/lulu klein

Gorgeuous bedrooms/lulu klein

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